Patmos island

Patmos island is one of the smallest inhabited islands of the Aegean. Patmos, is incredibly beautiful. It is the island where Saint John the Theologian, exiled, and wrote his Apokalypse (Revelation). In 1995, the 1900 years since the writing of this prophetical holy book, were commemorated. The impressive stone monastery dominates majestically over most of the island, inviting you to approach it with respect, wonder and awe.

The island, which has kept its ancient name, today has become a place of pilgrimage and a the throng of faithful flock to supplicate and relish the spiritual heritage of this sacred island and also to admire and enjoy its beauty and serenity. The picturesque, interchangeable landscape, with the small plains and valleys, the impressive rocks - hoisted like castles on the tops and the slopes of the hills (the most prominent being that of Prophet Elias) - with thick spreading pine and other tree- forests, along with its religious significance and mysticism, presents a sui generis image.

The island lies between Ikaria and Leros. It was inhabited since very ancient times and according to legend, it was here that Orestes - who killed his mother Klytemnestra - came to elude the vengeance of the Furies.


The most important attraction naturally will be the fortress - like monastery of St John (tel.: 22470 31398), built in 1088 by the monk Christodoulos. Many priceless treasures are housed in its sacristy. Also in Hora, there is an Ecclesiastical Museum. Halfway between Hora and Skala (the island’s port) there is the Grotto of the Apocalypse, where the Revelation was written by John the Evangelist. At the mouth of the cave you will see the church of Aghia Anna and at a short distance from there, the famous Patmias school is located. At the Patmos shops you find reasonably priced porcelain, crystal and silver items. The Patmian embroidery is famous for its elegance.

Seashores: near Skala: Hohlakas, Merkos, Meloi and Aghriolivathi. The well-facilitated sandy shore: Kambos, with its crystal-clear waters. The most quiet shore: Vaghia, the Lambi beach, with the colorful pebbles, and a little further the Aghios Nikolaos Bay. Among all the beaches the Psili Ammos(fine sand) could be the best. The north side of the island offers: Grekos, Kalikaltjoo and Diakofti. The waters of the islets Aghios Gheogrios and Kentronissi are also very clear.

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